Doughnut Expedition

As a student from Otterbein University, I am very much used to taking weekly Friday night/morning trips to Schneider’s Bakery. My friend/roommate/lover Ben Folts and our bud Grace Hoover did that all the time. We set out on an epic quest to find the best doughnut place in NYC. While we still have some ways to go, we have tasted the succulent dough from many different doughnutteries. For Ben’s birthday, the employees at his internship bought him a box of doughnuts from a bakery simply called “Dough”. Those doughnuts were massive and we almost didn’t finish them. But we were on a mission. So those doughnuts are no more. We also made a few trips to the Doughnut Pub. That stop is probably the easiest to get to so we’ve been there multiple times. The quest didn’t end there though. While the Doughnut Pug could have easily become our place to go should we crave a doughnut fix, we figured “The city is far and wide, we should sample all of the doughnut hubs.” So that’s exactly what we did. In fact, we are still on this quest. We’ve tried many doughnut shops, including even stopping at a Dunkin Donuts near our apartment, although there are Dunkin Donuts’ EVERYWHERE in New York. It’s actually pretty shocking how many there are, that and Baskin Robbin’s. There is always a Baskin Robbin’s connected to a Dunkin Donuts here. It quite dangerous. But worth it. Now I haven’t explored every Doughnut Shop here so my next stop will either be the “Donut Project” or the “Doughnuttery” in the Underground Market. The quest continues. Final review of every Donut Shop in New York pending….