"Lobby Hero"

I was able to see this Broadway play courtesy of Morgan Wood. Telsey gave her tickets and I was lucky enough to be invited! It was such a fun experience. We sat in the second row, saw all four actors up close, and this was a great play to witness in close proximity. The four actors on stage were amazing. I knew Captain America-Chris Evans and Michael Cera from the movie “Juno”. Their characters butted heads the entire play and it was hilarious and unfortunate all at the same time. The other two actors brought their A-games as well. Bel Powley and Brian Tyree Henry were both incredible as well. Each actor was so specific in how their character was portrayed. With those specificities came the dynamic relationships they formed with each other. Each conversation was so dynamic and with that came the ups and downs of the plot and the circumstances the characters found themselves in. The play covered an array of social topics from feminism to racism to police officers’ rights, what they can and cannot do. This was a production that I wish everyone in this country had the chance to see right now. The writing, the text was what obviously brought these four very different characters to life. The text informed their demeanor and their intentions, the unreal amount of tension. Each pause held so much weight, whether because they were talking about a sensitive subject or they simply were doing their jobs specifically William and Jeff the security guards, in silence. Throughout the play those pauses held more and more weight. With an play or musical I see, I always figure that one of their goals is (or at least should be) that the characters at the end are not the same as they were at the beginning. While this play doesn’t turn all of their worlds upside down, by the end of the play, they are all definitely a bit different. I feel like they are all more resolved in what they want to do in life and how to get what they want. For Jeff (Michael Cera) that’s a huge step forward. This play was a great example of an ending that was very satisfying. While they all didn’t exactly have anything to fulfill by the end of the play, they all knew how to move forward in their lives because of the events in the play.

            This play was a textbook example of drama that I enjoy. It is about sensitive topics, but here and there, humor cushions those topics. While I do believe that there is a place for the theatre that portrays harsh realities to throw in the audiences’ faces, plays like this are more fascinating to watch for me. There were so many lines in this play that got a collective sigh or vocal reaction from the audience, as we all knew what they meant or agreed with what they said, or disagreed with what the characters said. It was a play that everyone was 100% tuned into. Personally, I didn’t totally know what I was getting myself into but that’s what made it so much fun to watch. I always enjoy watching something I know nothing about. It gave me a fresh perspective and made me want to dig for more plays like this to read and to watch. Plays like this one are definitely what we need right now.