During Internship, I found I needed an outlet to sort of get me off a slump. Going to work and coming back, eating dinner and basically going to sleep became a routine I was not a particular fan of. So I started walking. In New York, everyone keeps to themselves pretty much and the more I observed, almost everyone either had a book or earbuds in to shut everyone else out. It’s a cold environment but one I got used to pretty quickly. I was perfectly happy riding the subway and reading a good book or listening to music on my commute to Queens for Internship. So one Saturday, I took the train to Central Park. It was still winter but it was one of the warmer days of the month. It was a perfect opportunity to take time for myself and enjoy walking outside. I walked around the north side of Central Park and listened to music. When I felt like I was done walking I went across the street to Starbucks and read for a while. I consider that the first truly peaceful day I’d had in New York. Walking around Central Park is wonderful. If you look at a picture of the island of New York from a bird’s eye view you get the full scope of the city, plus in the dead center is this giant patch of green. I appreciate that the city acknowledges how important it is to have green surroundings, to have parks, places people can go to walk their pets or take their kids or just lay out in the sun when it gets warm out. That’s something that I look forward to still as the months get warmer and warmer.

            Another park that I explored was the Cloisters in Fort Tryon Park. That park travels along the Hudson River. Up the cliff is the Cloisters which is a replica of a medieval monastery. I know from visiting there a couple of times that the building is actually made up of cloisters from five medieval European monasteries. I am aware that it houses a large collection of medieval art but I would have had to pay to get in to observe. Needless to say that didn’t happen. But it was still such a beautiful building and with it on the cliff overlooking the river was a very peaceful sight.

            And last but not least was the Highline. This location may be my favorite place to go in New York City. This park is an elevated greenway and former railroad. The rundown railroad was redesigned and it now a beautiful place to take walks. Underneath the Highline is a market area with bookstores and great eateries. If I was closer to it, I’d be there every day. The architecture of the park itself as well as all of the buildings around make it one of the most visually pleasing things I’ve seen in New York. I appreciate how the buildings aren’t just standard skyscrapers that you see downtown. While each building is designed by meticulous architects, the buildings at the Highline are really artistic. I remember taking pictures of my surroundings when I first went when I was still in school. It’s such a peaceful park that sits a bit closer to the sun. I definitely look forward to taking walks on the Highline during a summer in New York.