I am a very proud member of the class of Twenty-ATEteen. My entire BFA class usually bonds over food. So naturally, if there is a food festival you can be a few of us would attend. Therefore, the infamous trio of Ben, Grace and I set out to explore this food extravaganza. Smorgasburg is an annual food flea market. It features almost one hundred vendors from Brooklyn, all together selling a wide variety of food. It takes place at Williamsburg’s East River Park (another park I ended up going to-but only for the food of course). I ended up buying Gumbo from the Cajun stand and it was everything I could’ve hoped for. This festival was only a two-day event so credit to Grace for telling us about it. It was a nice chill day to hang out with friends and eat food before heading back to school. Now given that I’m pretty picky when it comes to spending money, I’ve found that I only ever spend money on food. So this was a valid event to spend money on in my opinion.

            The festival was on a beautiful day, set up right on the Harlem River in Williamsburg. There were plenty of people sitting on the grass sleeping, eating, makin’ some memories with each other. It felt like the first day of Summer for me. There were tents all around with different styles of food from Cajun to Asian Cuisine. There was a tent with the title “Bread & Monkey”. Grace goes crazy for Monkey-Bread so that was a highlight. And I can’t agree more with Grace and her saying, credit of Oprah “I love bread. I love bread.” And while I didn’t buy anything from this tent, there was a company with the name “Lobsterdamus”. This restaurant is native to California and they grill and serve whole lobsters and serve them with noodles. If they weren’t so expensive I would’ve bought twenty. That was thing, everything there was pretty pricey. But I’m always down to have some good gumbo and a lemonade so I enjoyed it all immensely. I’m very grateful I could make it to that festival as it was only two days. Also grateful I witnessed the wonder of that festival with two hardcore food-lovers like me.